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Slither slither hiss hiss
I sat there
With my head in my hands
Elbow resting on knees
Legs spread apart
I was terrified
I was facing the thing I hate most
More than failing
More than being cremated
I sat there
Eyes wide open
Breathing hard
Tears leaking down my face
Every time I saw one of them
I cried
I couldn't help it
I couldn't stop it
It just happened
My grip tightened as I heard them
I was sitting on a high platform
They had thrown me down here
They knew my fear
I wish they didn't
They slithered
They hissed
They spat venom
They sensed my fear
They wanted to attack me
Tears leaked harder down my face
Hearing them
Slither, hiss, spit venom at me
I sat there crying
I wasn't going to give in
No matter how scared I was
The grate was pulled aside
I long stick picked up a snake
They draped it over me
I froze
Not breathing
Not moving
It slithered around
I wanted to run
I wanted to scream
I remain silent, unmoving
The snake slithered around me
It opened its mouth
Barring fangs at me
Venom dripped from its fangs
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Sonnet 1
The way the paper feels against the hand;
pens writing with the hand that gives them life.
Creeping words find the marked path that was planned
inside the head that slices with a knife
forming the pictures deep inside the mind
making them apparent for the plain eye.
They dance across the pages now defined
by how we do imagine your words fly
freeing the captive lives of those stuck in
the endless pages of the written book.
Their lives dance as if they were locked within
the soul creator of the well-known book.
Pictures flash before us while portraits sing
of our desired world from fearless kings.
:iconyurisnow:Yurisnow 6 0
Revenge chapter 5
Dean was in Sam and Bobby's arms. Sam had his upper body and Bobby had his legs. They were trying to run but it jostled Dean around too much so they had to walk through the woods trying to get back to the Impala. They'd wrapped the jackets and sweatshirts around Dean to make him warm.
"B-Bobby…" Sam muttered through chattering teeth.
"I know boy. I know," Bobby spat back. Sam growled in frustration. He wished they could teleport like angels. That would save them so much time and possible Dean's life.
Sam tried to concentrate on carrying his brother. It was hard because he was freezing cold and his thoughts kept on going back to what Aym had told Sam. Dean had tortured Aym to find him… Dean had done that… Why? Why would Dean've lied when Sam finally woke up? Sam felt a sudden wave of guilt. Dean was hurt and dying because of himself…
No. That wasn't it. That wasn't why Dean was dying. Dean was dying because Sam hadn't found him in time. He had been stupid when he was
:iconyurisnow:Yurisnow 15 4
Revenge chapter 4
The Northern star was directly over head as if it was sign. Sam watched it twinkle against the black sky. After a couple more minutes of getting his thoughts collected, Sam looked at Bobby. He was starting to get anxious. They were close to Dean. The blood and footprints had been fresh meaning they had gone through within the last couple of hours. "How much longer?"
"A couple more minutes, be patient boy," Bobby muttered back working on his gun.
Sam sighed and looked around again. He started bouncing on the balls of his feet. He wanted to find Dean. He wanted to make sure that he was okay. What if they got to him and he was dead? Or someone or something else had already gotten to him? What if they were being led on a false trail? What if… what if… what if… Sam shook his head. No. He couldn't think about that right now. He needed to stay focused. Thinking about what could happen wasn't going to help them find Dean. Dean would want Sam to stay focused and find him. He need
:iconyurisnow:Yurisnow 13 8
Revenge chapter 3
Sam climbed out of the Impala and stretched his long legs. He'd been traveling for two days straight only stopping to switch spots with Bobby every couple of hours. The drive had been long and tedious. Sam wanted to find Dean before it was too late. The what if questions were still going through his head and it made focusing on the search and rescue extremely difficult.
Deans GPS had landed them into the middle of Alaska. Sam hoped Dean was warm and in a cave. If Dean was out in the cold in as bad as shape as Sam thought he was, this will not end well.
"Bobby, this is where the GPS said Dean was?" Sam asked, looking around.
"Yeah but there's nothin' around here," Bobby said.
Oh was Bobby right. The terrain was nothing but snow and trees. The trees had snow on it which made them blend into the background. There terrain was very hilly and it stretches on for miles. If they were going to find Dean, they needed to start now. "Isn't this going to be a joy ride?" Sam muttered going to the tr
:iconyurisnow:Yurisnow 15 10
Revenge chapter 2
Sam slammed the phone down on the desk. He was furious with himself. If he hadn't responded like that, he'd still be on the phone with Dean. The way Dean had said his name… Sam shuddered. He needed to get Dean outta there as quickly as possible. Sam turned to Bobby. "We gotta get Dean outta there Bobby."
"I know boy," Bobby replied grabbing two shot glasses and some scotch. He poured the two shots and handed one to Sam.
"You heard Dean… he sounded…" Sam didn't want to think about how bad Dean would be. He drained the scotch in one mouthful.
Bobby nodded drinking some of his. "We know Dean's alive; we can work from there."
Sam shook his head. He was frustrated with Bobby. He knew Dean was alive but bobby didn't hear the tone of voice Dean used. Dean was not okay and they needed to get to him soon. "Bobby, you heard him! He could barely say my name! You heard what that bastard said!"
This time Bobby was the one slamming his shot glass down on the table. "Dammit boy! Don't
:iconyurisnow:Yurisnow 12 6
Revenge chapter 1
Dean rolled across the ground trying to get away. He popped up looking for a way out of this cave. He was somewhere and it all looked familiar to him. He tried to put his finger on it but he didn't have enough time. Before he could think of where he was, he was slammed into the wall. He grunted as he made contact with the hard surface. There was a hand around his throat and someone in his face. The person in his face was blonde and male. Dean recognized him immediately. The male moved so he was the only thing Dean could see. "I bet you're wondering why I have you."
"For tea? 'Cuz you know everyone loves tea time," Dean remarked. Which was a mistake as he felt the fingers tighten around his throat.
"That was a mistake," The man hissed into his ear. Dean felt the air being sucked out of his lungs. He struggled for a breath as he heard the man laughing in his ear. "You want to make it through this, I suggest you keep your mouth closed. Got it?"
Dean would have answered if he wasn't seeing
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Violin player by Yurisnow Violin player :iconyurisnow:Yurisnow 1 7 Girl and fish complete by Yurisnow Girl and fish complete :iconyurisnow:Yurisnow 5 2 Girl and fish WIP by Yurisnow Girl and fish WIP :iconyurisnow:Yurisnow 2 0 Archangel and demon by Yurisnow Archangel and demon :iconyurisnow:Yurisnow 2 6 Unable to sleep by Yurisnow Unable to sleep :iconyurisnow:Yurisnow 1 4
I'm a what? chapter 3
"Dude, this has gotta stop," I threw my pen across the room at the wall frustrated with Sam. He kept on switching the tabs I was in and closing them. It had been going on for several hours. After the three hundredth time, it was starting to get annoying. "How the hell am I suppose to figure out what's going on when you're messing with me?"
Sam: Then use my laptop not me.
I shrugged knowing he couldn't see me. It was like Sam was three years old again when he was really bored while we were driving cross-country going from hunt to hunt with Dad. I had only been seven; but, God he was annoying three year old. We'd see a cow and he'd ask, why is the cow black and brown Dean?
Why is the grass green?
What happened to the sun? Why isn't it up with the moon?

This went on for hours and hours a day. Right now, it was like that all over again. I wanted to punch him in the face then. I also wanted to punch him in the face right now. However, there was one problem, if I
:iconyurisnow:Yurisnow 18 39
55 apologies
I know
You don't understand
Why I did this
It was for you Dean
I wanted you back from Hell
Ruby said it'll help but I know
I did wrong by going down this path
Is there anything I can ever do for you
To ever forgive me for the mistakes I have made?
:iconyurisnow:Yurisnow 17 0
I'm a what? chapter 2
Sam: Dean.
I looked at the messages Sam was sending me. He was obviously very pissed that I wasn't answering him. It was nice not having to respond right away. It seemed like he couldn't see me so he'd have no idea what I was doing right now. I smiled. "What computer geek? Hey, can you see me?"
Sam: Um…no and will you please tell me what's going on?
Question answered. I smirked thinking of all the things I could do to his face and he wouldn't even know it. Or would he…? Well, I'd just have to find out once we fixed this whole curse thing. "I dunno. I woke up to you gone. The witch obviously cursed you somehow."
Sam: Thank you Captain Obvious.
"Hey, you asked." I answered the computer screen. It felt really weird talking to a computer. It was like I was crazy or
:iconyurisnow:Yurisnow 21 34
I'm a what?
"Sammy!" I shouted wanting Sam to duck out of the way before it was too late. I wasn't sure if he heard me because the next thing I know, he's flown across the room and I'm attached to the wall by the friggin' by the witch we were hunting. It's a pain in the ass 'cuz I was trying to hunt to the bitch but it wasn't working.
I attempt to unattached myself from the wall to see if Sam is alright. He's laying on the floor of the room against a bookcase not moving. We're in a study that has the usually things, desk, computer, bookshelf, filing cabinet and whatnot. I'm currently pinned to the wall behind the desk and in-between two windows. Sam is laying on the floor across from me. The witch looks back at me then to Sam and an evil smile appears on her face. "Whatever you're planning bitch, don't try it." I growl trying to break the hold on the wall.
She looks back at Sam who has started to stir. "I'd watch your mouth. If I remember correctly, you're the one attached to the wall." She spits
:iconyurisnow:Yurisnow 30 42


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2011 is over....

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2012, 11:48 AM
...THANK GOD! 2011 was by far, the worst year I've been through. It started out great then May hit.... it went down south fast and continued to fall until about July-August when things started to pick back up again. Then school started and everything was going great. We dipped a little bit again but then everything picked back up.

I'm so glad 2011 is gone! I didn't want 2011 to start in 2010 but now I'm glad it's over and 2012 is here.

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  • Reading: Bobby Singers Guide to Hunting
  • Watching: My computer screen
  • Playing: Role playing
  • Eating: Gum :D
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